Monday, 18 August 2014

Robin Williams and beyondblue

We’ve rarely been as sad to hear of a celebrity passing then we were when Robin Williams passed away on 11 August 2014. There was, and never will be, a comedian quite like him. He was a truly unique human being. He had a gift for acting and comedy and a penchant for doing hilarious voices, and we remember also watching interviews with him where he also seemed like such a generous and warm-hearted human being. He was a much loved movie star, friend, husband and father.

It’s so sad to hear that, with all those who loved him, he still struggled with depression. This only highlights how this illness completely distorts the sufferer’s reality and can make them feel worthless, or like life is not worth living. It can rob the most successful and loved person of all their self esteem.

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding the illness only serves to make it harder for people suffering depression to speak out, for fear of embarrassment or appearing ‘weak’.

To all those out there going through mental distress, whether that be depression, anxiety or any other disorder that causes you to question your worth, remember that you are NOT weak and that there are millions of people in the world who share your pain and understand exactly what you are going through. You are NOT alone and you CAN be helped. Learn to accept what you’re experiencing as a process that has a remedy and seek help.

For more information on mental illness or for details on who you can contact for assistance, visit beyondbluebeyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma.

If you wish to support beyondblue and those suffering from mental distress, you can donate directly via the website. We also donate 100% of the profit from our Choose Life tees to beyondblue.

With love, the Closet Stop team xx

London town

If you follow our instagram @closetstop, you would have noticed that we were recently in London, UK. 

One of our favourite things to do when abroad is shop, shop and shop some more! It's great being in a different country and picking up and wearing items not found anywhere else, or at least not in our home country of Australia. Sometimes you even save a considerable amount of $$ which is always a bonus.

We also love just people watching and seeing what people in London and NYC are wearing. It gives us a heads up as to what is going to be in trend in the coming seasons. We went nuts over Birkenstocks and white converse (worn by just about everyone in Europe right now!). 

Really it doesn't matter what's in fashion. If you wear something that flatters you and you feel confident in, you'll always have incredible style.

A few of our favourite things:

Clockwise from top left: Imbi wears Zara top, Guess bag, Aeolian Harp Shorts; Birkenstocks from Germany; Anneliisa wears the Not Your Girlfriend top and chambrey joggers, both from Closet Stop; Anneliisa wears the Richie tee outside the Tower Bridge; Imbi wears the Lara Stripe Blazer; Anneliisa wears the 8 Other Reasons ring.

Flowers, berries and macaroons:

Imbi & Anneliisa xx

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Pilates and fashion blogging: with Casey Burgess

Casey Burgess: Actor. Singer. Presenter. Blogger. Pilates Instructor. 

You might know her from her previous role as member of children's entertainment group Hi-5. We know her as a beautiful and talented blogger with incredible style.

We wanted to hear from Casey how she juggles all these different careers and get to know a little about what makes her tick, so we caught up with her for this Q&A session:

CS: What made you want to be a Pilates instructor?

CB: My Mum has been an instructor for 8 years, and I was doing 1 -2 classes a day and loving it so I thought why not! It's also great in my industry to have something else on the side to keep your mind active that's completely different. I love helping and teaching people too.

CS: What are the main benefits of Pilates?

CB: Every session is a complete body workout. The focus is on the deep core muscles, working together with the rest of the body along with breathing, so you get a full body workout every time.  There are so many elements to Pilates that are SO beneficial but I think the main focus on the core and the spine along with correcting posture is the most important. It's life changing.

CS: How do you juggle your day between blogging and instructing?

CB: I don't know!  haha.  Pretty much i'll help at the studio in the morning and do blogging/ shooting and writing in the evening. Works perfectly!

CS: What’s your most unhealthy habit or indulgence?

CB: Probably hot chips.  How can ANYONE say no?!!

CS: Favourite fashion brands?

CB: Ahh, that's tricky.  I go through phases but am really loving Cameo - Keepsake and Finders Keepers at the moment. Affordable, and great fun designs.

CS: What are 2 things you are really passionate about?

CB: Music and relationships.  I need music/acting etc in my life but my friendships and everyday relationships are what keep me going.

CS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CB: Hopefully singing, touring and just loving everyday and what I am doing. I am always wanting to do something new and I get bored easily so who knows.  I'd LOVE to have a dog by then too. haha. 

CS: How do people attend your classes in Sydney?

CB: Look online  -  and call up and book a one on one session to begin .  You will love it !!!

For more of Casey’s great fashion sense, get onto her website/blog at and follow her on on FB & IG - @caseyaburgess or twitter casey_burgess

Thanking Casey for a great get-to-know-you session!

The Closet Stop team xx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Indah Organics and the amazing Teisha Lowry

At we believe in living a healthy lifestyle, and nobody knows a healthy lifestyle quite like Teisha Lowry: model, environmental campaigner, health practitioner/guru, and founder of Indah Organics beauty and health products, Queen Coco lifestyle blog and Total Reformation Health & Wellbeing Studio….phew! She is one busy and amazing woman!

We caught up with her to get to know this talented beauty a little more and share her advice with you all. Here’s what she had to say:

CS: What made you get into natural health and fitness?

TL: I’ve always been really active. I just can’t function without movement. My approach these days is far different to what it used to be. I used to think that going to the gym everyday was my answer to being fit, but since starting my own natural/organic skincare brand 6+ years ago, my path has aligned with my fiancĂ©, who has taught me so much more about my body than I could ever imagine. I now add a lot of strength training, stability, stretching and breathing to my exercise regimes to get the best results. In regards to my health, I stick to a gluten-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, free-range, real/whole food, organic diet and it’s all based on my metabolic type.

CS: What does your usual day entail?

TL: Most mornings I wake up early and have my daily dose of INDAH Coconut Oil and my Queen Coco Yang Tea. I then head to Total Reformation Health & Wellbeing, the holistic health studio I share with Darrren, for a work-in session such as yoga, Qigoing or Pilates. Or I’ll do a workout at the studio that consists mainly of interval and resistance training. Afterwards, I eat a massive breakfast according to my metabolic type. I then spend the rest of my day seeing my amazing clients, going to meetings or shooting stuff for my Queen Coco Blog.

CS: What’s your most UNHEALTHY habit or indulgence?

TL: My biggest vice would be organic popcorn cooked in Celtic sea salt, INDAH Coconut Oil and loads of free-range organic butter!

CS: What’s your biggest struggle in day to day life? And how do you deal with it?

TL: Stress!!! I do relaxation work on my whole body almost every day. This includes lots of breathing and movements that are slow yet energizing. I also meditate daily. I drink loads of pure water with a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt and INDAH Coconut Oil. There are some occasions where I can’t be perfect but I do my best and make the right decisions when I can.

CS: How would you describe your personal style?

TL: I love fashion but I usually just invest in gym and lounge wear. Ever since I was a girl and I got my first paycheque at the age of 12, I saved up for my first pair of Adidas shell-toe runners. I was always into wearing Adidas. I don’t know what it was but I think it stemmed from watching Run-D.M.C. video clips on Rage! Today, I still like to indulge in t his brand, mainly shorts and crop tops.

CS: What are 2 things you are really passionate about?

TL: I have too many to list, but I’d say INDAH and Queen Coco. These brands give the opportunity to help others and our environment! I’m pretty happy with that.

CS: Tell us about your involvement with Borneo Orangutan Survival.

TL: Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) is a non-profit environmental organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bornean orangutans, a species that shares 98 percent of our human DNA, yet remains under threat of extinction within the next decade if urgent action is not taken. The past year has seen BOS’s innovative release program take a giant leap in the fight to protect our orangutan cousins. In May 2012, the first ever human rehabilitated orangutans were successfully released back into the wild, and now make up two of the 70 successfully released “Orangutan School” graduates living happily in protected Bornean rainforest. A further 100 orangutans are scheduled for release in 2013. I am so proud to be their official ambassador, and I already have adopted two babies, Miko and Dodo. Orangutans are our closest ancestors, so I try and do as much as I can on a personal and business level to bring awareness to this wonderful cause.

For more of Teisha’s great health and lifestyle advice, get onto the Queen Coco website at and sign up to the newsletter.

Also purchase the INDAH range of organic and natural health and beauty products at

Find Teisha on FB & IG: @indahorganics @queencocodotcom @teishalowry

And for our recipe for Raw Bliss Balls using Indah Organic Coconut Oil, click here.